The cover of PLORKOLOGY 2023, which features an image of a white clock on a grey background on the left side and an image of a yellow cupcake on a yellow background on the right side.

Featuring contributions by Leslie Cairns, Andrew Daugherty, Zary Fakete, C.M. Green, Erin Jamieson, Melissa Martini, Eadbhard McGowan, Elizabeth Harmatys Park, Anne Leigh Parrish, Linda Scheller, Natalie Sibiski, jace warner, tommy wyatt, Odeta Xheka, and Eboni Akpan Zook

Editor-in-Chief: Bree Boyd
Managing Editor: nat raum
Art Director: Sarah Daniels
PR Director: Diana Clarke
PR Assistant: Deborah Kotz
Copy Editor: Amy Carpenter

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